Dr. Errol (ER) Riggs

The doctor: making the party, excluding himself, slightly less dead since 4 BBY



Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 1.8m Age: 25
Build: Avg. Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown


Career: Colonist Specialization: Doctor


Ambition: Freedom


Gambling Addiction: 10


2 – Brawn 2 – Agility 3 – Intellect 3 – Cunning 2 – Willpower 2 – Presence
Defense / Vitality:
3 – Soak 12 – Wound Threshold 13 – Strain Threshold
1 Charm 1 Cool 1 Deception 2 Medicine 1 Perception 1 Streetwise
2 Core Worlds Knowledge 2 Education Knowledge 1 Ranged – Light
Grit(5) +1 strain threshold
Surgeon(5) +1 wound per rank
Surgeon(10) +1 wound per rank
Stim Application Avg Med Check, 1 ally, +1 characteristic for encounter +4 strain

Important Equipment

  • Personal Credits: <redacted>
  • Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • Heavy Clothing
  • Medkit
  • Personal Comlink
  • Stimpaks
  • Ration Pack
  • Anesthetic – Synthetic standard
  • Credstick 150 (group)
  • Laminate Armor (Group)

Human by birth, Correlian by the grace of the force…

My past ain’t much to talk to. Family made its money in shipping, raised me right. Loving, hard working folk, but owned by that grindstone. I once thought as them, but at Coronet University, I realized I couldn’t do it. We don’t talk much anymore, couldn’t see things my way. Hell, I can’t be tied down to a job or a place, Need to drift where the winds blow and see it all. At CU, also found a few other truths about myself; a gift and a curse.

My gift, mending the broken souls that shamble this mortal coil. Learned a little about the medical arts at CU, but just took naturally to it. Nowadays, whenever I ain‘t (cough) tending to other business (cough), I set up shop and do what healing I can for the paying locals; I do more for those that can’t pay, but don’t go sullying my ne’er-do-well reputation…

My curse, darkness take her, is a love of the game. After all the posturing and build up, that undeniable moment of agonizing bliss right before that last card is turned or die is cast, euphoric! I may pilfer your coffers bare, but I’ll give you a fair shake at the table. The dance, that sultry minx, is also why I am no longer able to matriculate to CU, but I digress…

If you are looking for a game of chance or some one to fix you up right as rain, you know I’m your huckleberry…

Dr. Errol (ER) Riggs

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