Edge of the Empire

A small gathering of criminals

The group boarded their retro-fitted ship and headed to Geonosis to attend a party hosted by a Duke Piddock. The group was provided with an invitation by a Bothan named Ota. They are going to the party posing to be arms buyers for a group of rebels on the planet Ryloth. The main purpose of attending the party is to uncover information about Teemo the Hutt and use it against the Hutt. The group knows that until Teemo is out of the way, they will have bounties on their heads wherever they go in the galaxy.

While at the party the group uncovered the following information:

• The chitin found on their ship was the shell of one of lead techs for Duke Piddock
• Teemo the Hutt employs a Kubaz spy by the name of Thwheek
• Teemo is from a minor branch of Jabba the Hutts clan and is looking to rise in power
• Teemo was in negotiations to obtain plans and materials to build an army of battle droids
• Teemo appears to have dealings with the Empire

After the party, the group makes their way to speak with a Duke Dimmock. Their interactions with Duke Dimmock allow the group to stowaway on a ship destined for Mos Shuuta. The ship is being flown by Orpa and Wex Vio and is loaded with cargo for Teemo the Hutt. However before the group can get on the ship they are ambushed by another partygoer Vritt’tt who happens to be a Gand bounty hunter.

The bounty on their heads seems to be getting bigger and bigger…..

Story so far...
A long time ago, in a game store not that far away...


Teemo the Hut
Blah blah blah…
Crazy paint huffing Wookie & just as crazy Deathstick addicted Twi’Lek shooting things
using pilot droid as a shield.

and now we run…

Escape from Mos Shutta

Defeated imperial Storm Troopers to make way to star port.
Convinced Trex that we were going to fix his ship and stole it.
Doc grievously injured…

Taking Flight

No Fuel, limited transit options.

Narrowly escaped Tie Fighter Attack.
Dealt with alarms, find transponder broadcasting our location, find bounties on all our heads
Found Twi’Lek B’ura B’an imprisoned aboard ship who promised refuel and repair on Ryloth.

To Ryloth….

Arriving at Ryloth

Attacked by Kubaz fighter and escape to difficult but safe landing.
Engie removes transponder and we mail it to who knows where to throw the trail.
Leave Sniper, Wookie and Twi’Lek on Ship
Meet with leaders of Ryloth resistance and agree to help free village mining operation from Hutt thugs.
Party gain 1 “business man” with laminate armor and a huge freaking blaster.

To the piddly village…

Trip to Piddly Village

Attacked on the way by Trex and other bounty hunters.
Speeder ruined, Thugs thrashed, Trex “Eaten” by scary bug thingy
Doc grievously injured…
Steal Thug Speeder.

Again, To the piddly village…

Operation Boom-Boom Keg

Meet with elders, offer to help.
“business man” recons mining camp.
Dress up engie like Trex, have Engie rig grenade into fake Keg, drive keg into camp and offer to guards.
…Fight Ensues… guard leader runs, Party wins!
Doc not grievously injured!
engie, “business man” and Doc chase and capture leader
camp is searched
big bad guy turned over to village.

party leaves for Town…

Arrival in town.

Kubaz spying on us when arriving, unable to find it.
Offer of retribution on Teemo through meeting with Duke on Geonosis.

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