A wiry, olive green scaled male Trandoshan just over 2m tall who sports grease smears as often blood from his prey.


4 Brawn, 2 Agility, 3 Intellect, 2 Cunning, 2 Willpower, 2 Presence
6 Soak, 18 Wound Threshold, 11 Strain Threshold

1 Computers, 1 Coordination, 2 Mechanics, 1 Perception, 1 Piloting-Planetary, 1 Brawl
Regeneration, 1 rank Gearhead, 1 rank Toughened, 1 rand Solid Repairs, 1 rank Enduring

Motivation – Relationship/Duty to Trandosha. I am driven to be a shining example of the values of my people, and work to gain any advantage I can for my homeworld.

*5 pts Betrayal by a Black Sun Vigo resulting in the deaths of most of my original crew.
*5 pts pilfered parts and supplies from Teemo the Hutt to build my vibro guantlets shortly before abandoning my service to him.

Important Equipment
vibro guantlets, heavy clothing, toolkit, hand scanner, personel comlink, backpack, utility belt


When my elders starting to notice that I was herding and trapping my meals more that just tracking them down, they decided I was worthy of special training. At first, I saw it as punishment, taking me away from the hunt. They started teaching me that not all prey bleeds, not every hunt ends in death. Solutions can be hunted, knowledge can be your “physical” reward just as easily as meat. These things come with jagnanth points too. I set myself to my studies with great passion. My fourth claw aided me greatly when working with machines and computers, especial those of foreign design. I had to work doubly hard in my studies to maintain my physical prowess and hunting abilities. These skills do still come in handy when you need to get to a tight spot in the bowels of a ship or flip a swoop to get easy access to the right part of the engine.

Following the finacial boom created by Trandosha’s alliance with the Empire, a number of “diplomatic” ships were commissioned to find more allies who could appreciate the Trandoshan way of life. I worked very hard to secure my spot on one of these ships as mechanic.

After a few lackluster tries that usually ended in the crew slaying our contacts due to being given tasks unworthy of us, we attracted the attention of Black Sun. After being given several pleasing hunts, we were allowed to meet with one of their lords (I think he was called a vigo). The captain seemed pleased with the jobs we were given, and the Vigo would sometimes throw a feast in our honor upon our return. All was progressing well and I was sure we would return home soon with tidings and spoils of our success.

On one such hunt, I was left behind to get the captain’s racing swoop in top condition so that he could show our superiority in another manner. Even being caught off guard, I took out one of the men sent to capture me. I was told my whole crew was slain in an ambush by our Black Sun host. Since I had lost all in the eyes of the Scorekeeper, it little mattered that I was sold or traded to Teemo the Hutt.

Now I am free again. I have a ship, and maybe allies. I have started earning points once more. I need to succeed where the rest of my crew failed. I need to destroy this Black Sun Vigo and regain my lost score. I need to find out how that slacker Trex survived the ambush, if he was somehow responsible, and if there are any other survivors. A voice I do not like whispers that it was just me who was betrayed. I can not believe that of the captain and a couple of the other hunters, but I cannot be free of that whisper until I know the truth.


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